Mint Infused in Rose & Lemon Perfume

By Naso Profumi

₹ 5,000


The refreshing aura of fresh citrus and mint leaves meets the eternal romance of the rose to make a happiness inducing blend. Crowned as the king of flowers, the scent of the rose is a distinctly familiar olfactory sensation. Exude a passionate intensity and vivacity when you wear this lively fragrance.

Healing Power:
Lures you to the bright side with increased energy levels and gives your mood a gentle upliftment.

Every fragrance is designed without the use of synthetic or artificial ingredients in the blends and instead use pure essences extracted from handpicked herbs and flowers to present the most carefully curated, scent for you. They are all unisex and break gender barriers with the idea of whoever can smell like whatever they like.

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  • Returns accepted within 7 days


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