• Creative direction & styling - Nikhil D, Feat Artists
  • Photography - Bikramjit Bose, Feat Artists
  • Video - Prateek Vijan
  • Model - Anugraha Natarajan, Feat Artists
  • Beauty - Sangita Raj
  • Production - Parul Menezes
  • Styling assistant - Arun Kumar, Sakina Contractor
  • Photography assistant - Vikas Gotra
  • Venue partner - Bijoy Jain, Saath Rasta

There is something very important about our time. We are gradually unfolding the complexities of life and evolution, uncovering interrelated processes and patterns. In turn, we are also exposing how tightly connected we are with the entire fabric of life. Every molecule in our body was once part of previous bodiesliving or non living and will be a part of future ones. We are not separate from the natural world. We are not different from it. It doesnt need us. We need it to survive. This is our time of transition.

Transition 2019 is a testament to fashion, design and mindfulness. In a world characterized by large retailers, fast-fashion trends and conformity, Rooted Objects encourages people to look beyond aesthetics and consider the impact of their choices on the environment and the people involved. This campaign captures the spirit of those bold and independent choices.

The acclaimed team of photographer Bikramjit Bose - who captured the essence of the idea with his minimal and distinctly edgy perspective - and Creative Director and Stylist Nikhil D - who conceptualised the aesthetic language informed by his natural inclination towards sustainability - represents true validation of the underlying message.

We are staging a rallying cry against mindless consumption but more importantly - offering consumers a platform to do it on their own terms. Simplified, exaggerated, honest, emotive - design takes on many sensibilities and Rooted Objects offers unparalleled access to all of them. Transition is just the beginning. Our story will continue to evolve.