Basik - Medium Bowl

By Rayden

₹ 850


These circular stoneware Bowls from the Basik collection are baked fresh in the oven and are ready-to-use. The muted earthy tones bring out the fresh, crunchy greens, reds and yellows of bell peppers and are sure to enrich any meal. Because the products from this collection visually and functionally supplement each other, the dinnerware set works best as a whole. 

Basik is the dinnerware series that allows you to lose yourself in a world where there is perfect equilibrium in every axis, as 2D shapes rise to create seamless forms in varying proportions. This is a world where beauty and geometry combine harmoniously to manifest in the simplest of expressions, devoid of the clutter and excesses of modern living. This series takes us back to basics. 

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