Arth - Pan

By Rayden

₹ 2,000


This terracota Pan from the Arth collection is perfect for cooking a healthy, scrumptious, home cooked meal. The flameware pottery holds heat, keeping food warm during mealtime. This pan also does not pit or leach metals and chemicals into food or the environment and thus lends to the philosophy that food should be a labour of love. Because the products from this collection visually and functionally supplement each other, the set works best as a whole. 

Arth is the series of earthen cookware. Inspired by the spirit of slow cooking and local food, it creates an alternative to the fast food lifestyle. Take a deep breath, enjoy a meal with your loved ones and add meaning to your meals with Arth. Each article in this series is handcrafted with great care by a skilled artisan. 

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