Anti-Dandruff Oil

By Sadhev

₹ 1,500


In the 18th century, the royal queens of Travancore indulged in elaborate hair care rituals. They used Holy Basil and combined it with warm Coconut Oil to make a concoction that had magical therapeutic properties. This concoction helped keep the scalp clean whilst making it smell divine.

Sadhev’s Anti-Dandruff Oil is a magic healing potion that contains rich, natural elixirs that offer exceptional nourishment to the scalp. It helps fight infection and eliminates causes of dandruff while cleaning, repairing and restoring the scalp.

Every product is non-toxic, not tested on animals and unadulterated. All ingredients are handpicked, organically grown and ethically sourced from their very own farm Sadhevana.

Your purchase helps us give back to mother nature. We will plant one tree with every purchase of Sadhev.

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  • Returns accepted within 7 days


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