The RO Shop Philosophy

Let’s be clear, you’re not saving the world with your shopping choices.

We must confront that it’s unacceptable and arguably deeply unethical to ever tie human “goodness” to what we buy. Brands are not moral leaders. Companies have been exploiting labor forces, enacting misogynistic policies and upholding discriminatory practices since before the language to describe those actions even existed. But what makes these issues feel so striking at this point in history is how much faith citizens are putting in brands. So many modern brands have fallen off their pedestal in recent times: Everlane, Homegrown, Reformation... We live in a capitalist society; every brand's intent is to sell something... I pay them for a service and I expect that service to be done well. It's a transactional exchange and that's all it should be.

We connect consumers to makers who design objects with minimal impact on the planet.

Rooted Objects features brands that are rooted in a strong and well-defined philosophy; ones that respect people and the planet at their core. Our hand-picked list of partners define honest luxury from a place of consciousness.

Modern living is increasingly consumptive and trend-based. We want the latest things and quickly discard the familiar while manufacturers primarily focus on increasing production and keeping prices low. We’re losing key elements of design such as quality, craft and responsibility, leaving us with many products that lack originality and aesthetic consideration.

Increasing awareness, however, has given birth to several remarkable designers that are thoughtfully making products for modern living. These creators invest thought in context, sustainability, material, craft and community and create objects that are important, relevant and beautiful; they design for unique personalities and different states of mind. Rooted Objects is a platform for such people.

You can be assured that everything you buy from our store is original. We hope that you cherish your purchases and take care of them.

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